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The year of 2009 is the 10th anniversary of Hongkong Ally Sourcing Service Ltd while is also the 9th year of Ally Information Service Co.,Ltd. Through these years, we have established business relationship with around 5,000 factorys and 100 buyers. More than 400,000 factory information has been collected into our supplier database. We are always ready to share the resources with our

customers like you.
Are you facing one by one disappointing audit result from your suppliers?
Have you been bored of explaining to your clients why another child labor was found in your factory?
Please don't worry about that. We could provide you a full list of excellent verified suppliers throughout China, which could pass all sorts of certification verification OR the social responsibility audits you will involved into.
On the other hand, if you are looking for an agency in China, we will be your best choice.
Is your business relationship with the buyers going to be terminated because failed the audit again? What is worse, the items are being produced in the line?
Are there a lot of commodity stocks since you have lost your biggest client last month?


If so, please contact us ASAP. We could help you out of the bad management status, including the quality, social responsibility and security aspects.
Furthermore, through us, your products could be recommended to relevant buyers. That will be a big chance for us, and for you!


If you want to learn more information of our ethical sourcing service, please don't hesitate to contact

Michael Fu via michael@ally-service.com OR Emma Wong via emma@ally-service.com any time.